Delivered to primary educators as a whole school mastery curriculum, it is built around “human flourishing” nurturing holistic growth by providing a framework that links with the science of human development.


“The 7 Habits(s)” permeate all subjects, wider school activities, and school ethos; it cultivates the virtues of character, community and emotional literacy.


The aim of this programme is to support physical, mental and emotional growth through fun, engaging, energetic activities. Linking with the PE curriculum children will learn how to look after their physical and mental health whilst nurturing cognitive, social and emotional development.


This programme supports school staff to understand the latest research and findings from the field of mindfulness, science, nutrition, psychology and medicine; breaking it down into simple digestible ways that can support themselves and their students to develop lasting habits of Wellbeing.

We want school staff to be able to show young people that mental ill health is a part of life, in the same way that physical ill health can be, but with good habits we can finds ways to make a difference in the lives of the children and the wider community.


This school leaders coaching programme supports the implementation of a wellbeing culture.  It examines your schools’ current provisions regarding mental health and wellbeing, examining the needs of all key stakeholders alongside the requirements of Ofsted and SIAMS. School leaders and teachers will gain, knowledge, skills, advice and a practical tool box to help them implement key provisions for supporting human flourishing.

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