Healthy Happy Minds was formed as a collaboration project to connect Education to Health Care.  We  provide schools with the tools to implement healthy lifestyle habits into their everyday curriculum and culture of the school. 

The programme supports adults and children to become proactive in developing healthy minds and bodies.  The programme provides practical tools, techniques and habits that schools, parents and children can practice daily promote good health in both their minds and bodies for life.  ​

The '7 HABITS(S) of Wellbeing' is set to Revolutionise Education by providing a clear framework that focuses on developing the whole person, supporting lifestyle changes that support us all to live healthy, happy fulfilled lives.  

Collette Rowley Clifford
Founder and Consultant
Healthy Happy Minds

Collette is passionate about supporting people to be the best version of themselves. Her infectious energy for life inspires others to live life in all its fullness. 

Experience as a school leader, mindfulness teacher, wellbeing coach and leadership trainer has given Collette the opportunity to support positive development in individuals' lives; to help them become more self-aware and nurture habits to improve physical and mental health.

Louise Clifford
Co-founder and GP
Healthy Happy Minds

Louise has worked within the NHS for over a decade and in General Practice for the last five years.  It is as a general practitioner that her interest in the growing epidemics of obesity, chronic disease, childhood diseases and mental health disorders has grown. 

Recognising the links between many of these complaints and their onset in childhood, she believes the key is to target schools in a way that allows students and teachers alike to question the 'norms' in our society. She believes in encouraging the 7 HABITS(S) in both students and teachers, enabling them to permeate the ethos of schools to encourage a healthier way of living.

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